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Available Lunch Presentations

NTMA Epoxy Terrazzo Lunch and Learn - Key Resin
This seminar discusses important technical and design details to ensure a successful epoxy terrazzo flooring installation. It covers pre-construction, surface preparation, concrete repair, moisture vapor transmission (MVT), LEEDing terrazzo, and finishes with project references.
Key Resin - Epoxy Terrazzo & Decorative Resinous Flooring Outline
This seminar presents and discusses important technical and design details to ensure a successful epoxy terrazzo and decorative resinous flooring installation. Contact us regarding AIA education credits.
Key Resin - Epoxy Terrazzo & Decorative Resinous Flooring Notes Pages
Whitepaper notes from Key Resin's epoxy terrazzo and decorative resinous floors seminar. It provides the important details to ensure a successful flooring application.
Sauereisen - Wastewater Structure Rehabilitation and Protection
This seminar provides engineers with a total solutions approach to dealing with corrosion in the wastewater industry. It highlights projects in all stages of the wastewater infrastructure, from the collection system to the treatment facility. The seminar will provide technical details of projects as well photo records showing the issues faced by municipalities and how Sauereisen’s products were able to resolve these complex problems.

CTS Information

CTS Line Card and Manufacturers
A listing of CTS services, products, and manufacturers.

Key Resin Brochures

Key Resin Color Charts
To view the Key Resin color charts, refer to the CTS Product's Page and search "Color Chart." Available color charts are Key Epoxy Terrazzo, Key Quartz, Key Solid Colors, Key Luster Metallic, Key Urethane Pigment Pack, Key Dry Oxide Pigment Pack, and Key Zycke.
Key Resin BIM Models
Key Resin has now created BIM Models for their Epoxy Terrazzo, Decorative Quartz, and Secondary Containment Systems. These BIM models are located on ARCAT and can be downloaded for use in your next project. Please contact CTS if you have any questions.
Key Resin Epoxy Floor Guide
A guide to Key Resin's Epoxy Flooring Systems, ranging from highly decorative to highly industrial.
Key Resin Epoxy Terrazzo
Key Epoxy Terrazzo sets the standard for decorative resinous flooring. Combining 100% solids epoxy with a wide selection of decorative aggregates, Key Epoxy Terrazzo provides outstanding durability and beauty for the life of your building.
Key Resin Laboratory Systems
Key Resin’s laboratory flooring solutions come in thicknesses ranging from 1/32” to 1/4” and are available in a variety of standard or customized colors. With or without the integral cove base, they provide a non-porous, seamless finish that resists deterioration by water, food and chemical spills and is resistant to bacterial growth.
Key Resin MMA Systems Brochure
Key MMA Flooring Systems are based on Methylmethacrylate (MMA) components, providing shock resistance, high mechanical load capacity, and a seamless floor suitable for all types environments including food processing areas, laboratories, machine shops, chemical storage warehouses, and animal facilities. The fast curing time and the installation temperature flexibility make this system a powerhouse for renovation and new construction. It's UV resistance makes it an ideal choice for exterior applications.
Key Resin Decorative Quartz Systems
Key Broadcast Quartz Flooring is installed between 1/16 and 1/4 inch thickness and is available in a variety of standard color blends. With or without the integral cove base, they provide a non-porous, seamless finish that resists deterioration by water, food and chemical spills and is resistant to bacterial growth.
Key Resin Chip-100 Decorative System
KEY CHIP-100 flooring is a seamless,100% solids, decorative vinyl-flake floor coating system.
Key Luster Metallic Brochure
Key Luster Metallic is a decorative thin-film system having a bright metallic finish. It provides a highly decorative, unique metallic look that is influenced by the application process.
Key Urecon Systems
Key Urecon systems are heavy-duty, trowel-applied urethane modified cementitious toppings deliver high impact resistance, excellent thermal shock resistance, and quick installation and cure time ideally suited for manufacturing areas.
Key Mortar SLT Systems
Key Mortar SLT flooring is a seamless,1/8” slurry broadcast flooring system. This system provides high impact & wear resistance, ease of maintenance, a safe non-skid texture, and chemical resistance throughout.

Key Resin Technical Bulletins

Key Technical Bulletin #1
Surface Preparation for Concrete and Wood Substrates
Key Technical Bulletin #2A
Recommendations for Key Epoxy Terrazzo - Crack Treatment, Joint Treatment, Use of Flexible Crack-Isolation Membrane, Divider Strip Placement
Key Technical Bulletin #3
General Care and Maintenance Instructions of Key Resin Company Flooring Systems
Key Technical Bulletin #3A
Epoxy/Urethane/Terrazzo Flooring Maintenance Procedures - Epoxy/Urethane Wall Coatings Maintenance Owner's Instructions Prior to Initial Use
Key Technical Bulletin #4
Conductive Flooring
Key Technical Bulletin #5
Floor Patching and Leveling
Key Technical Bulletin #6
Control Joint Repair and Treatment for Seamless Flooring Application
Key Technical Bulletin #7
Problems Resulting from a Vapor Barrier Placed Under a Three Inch Sand Layer Below a Concrete Slab on or Below Grade
Key Technical Bulletin #8
Pitching & Sloping Epoxy Toppings
Key Technical Bulletin #9
Slip Resistant Properties of Epoxy Coatings
Key Technical Bulletin #10
Pre-Construction & Installation Considerations
Key Technical Bulletin #11
Concrete Surface & Environmental Conditions for Installation of Key Flooring Systems
Key Technical Bulletin #15
Moisture Vapor Limitations of Resin Flooring, Terrazzo and Coatings Requirements for Concrete Sub-Slab Moisture Vapor Barrier/Retarder Moisture Vapor Testing Procedures
Key Technical Bulletin #18
Use of Key Resin Sealers Over Acid-Stained Decorative Concrete, Dyed Concrete, Micro Toppings and Polymer-Modified Overlays

Project Profiles

Key Luster Project - Crayola Experience
When your business revolves around color, you need a resinous floor with some flair. Key Resin's Key Luster Metallic provided the designers at the Crayola Experience a unique palette with which to design a truly unique floor, incorporating colorful "splats" over a three dimensionally swirled metallic base. Learn more about this one of a kind floor.

Sauereisen Brochures

Sauereisen's Total Solution Line Card
From collection systems to treatment facilities, restoration to new construction, and large or small alike, Sauereisen offers the total solution for wastewater structure rehabilitation and protection.
Sauereisen Wastewater Brochure
A guide to Sauereisen's line of wastewater rehabilitation and corrosion protection products.
Sauereisen Underlayment Brochure
A guide detailing Sauereisen's substrate repair products and their applications.
SewerGard Glaze - No. 210G Brochure
SewerGard Glaze No. 210G is a protective coating specifically formulated for municipal wastewater environments. It may be used as a stand-alone, economical coating or as an extra measure of protection over Sauereisen restorative materials and protective linings.
Redner Test - LACSD Protective Coating Evaluation Qualification Letter
The Redner Test, takes its name from John A. Redner, Departmental Engineer, Sewerage Department, County Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County, LA, California. He has published results of testing the acid resistance of many sewer lining repair coatings in a simulated sewer set-up. The Redner Test was developed to objectively assess the likely in-situ application issues and the acid resistance of coatings on concrete sewer pipes.
Corrosion-Resistant Materials
Sauereisen offers an extensive line of proven chemical-resistant products that protect concrete or steel in both new construction and rehabilitation projects. Our products are grouped into six main categories — Coatings, Linings, Flooring, Polymer Concretes, Refractories and Mortars.
Barriers of Protection
Eight pages of information featuring Sauereisen organic linings for the Power, Wastewater, Food & Beverage and Chemical Processing industries.
Impermeable Systems - Corrosion Resistant Floors and Walls
A full color, four-page brochure explaining Sauereisen flooring systems and accessory products.
Chemical Resistant Polymer Concretes
Polymer concrete is among the most durable of Sauereisen engineered systems. It is a material with five times the physical strength of standard Portland-based concrete, is castable like concrete, and is resistant to corrosive chemicals throughout its entire matrix.

Technical Information

Key Resin Design Details
Key Resin Company's Standard Flooring Design Details Guide
Contractor's Flooring Site Survey
A simple site survey to help ensure all the needs of a resinous flooring system are addressed. Useful for a contractor's site survey, information for an architect or engineer looking to specify a resinous floor, or a customer understanding the correct questions to ask when choosing a resinous floor.
Seamless Floor Introduction
Seamless Floors - What are They, Why Have One, and How do you Maintain It? by: Robert R. Cain
Controlling Moisture Migration
Controlling Moisture Migration with Advances in Polymer Technology by Robert R. Cain
Permeability Survey Report
Permeability to corrosive substances was shown to be the most important consideration for chemically resistant linings—even though it’s also seen as the most commonly overlooked criteria of corrosion resistant lining selection.
Technology Update - Polymer Linings for FGD systems
NACE International 35th Annual Corrosion Course, Technology Update in Polymer Linings for Flue Gas Desulfurization Systems by: John M. Grega


Sauereisen - The Problem of Permeability in Wastewater
A dynamic presentation illustrating the importance of protective linings that exhibit low permeability for wastewater infrastructure.
Key Resin - Epoxy Terrazzo & Decorative Resinous Flooring
View a short picture slideshow of completed Key Resin flooring projects. Highlights include epoxy terrazzo, broadcast and troweled quartz, broadcast vinyl chip, urethane cements, metallic epoxy, and MMA.